Limited Edition Fall Fiesta Pluerry Box of 18 Shipping Monday Oct 17th


We have one last picking of these for season! Only a limited number of Boxes will be available of these amazing late season Pluerries. That right.. Pluerry! This is only the second time we are offering this Farmers Market secret stone fruit. They are the perfect naturally bred combination of a Cherry and Plum. They can be enjoyed right when they arrive for a super sweet juicy experience. These Pluerries are extremely flavorful and delicious with a deep burgundy and yellow skin and delicate yellow flesh. They will ship with their natural bloom that makes them look powder purple, but once rubbed off they shine. Are you ready for your 18 juicy, hand selected Pluerries?

Just like our Peaches, each delicate Pluerry will be picked at the perfect time from our orchard, placed in our perfectly protected custom engineered box, and shipped to your door! 

We will pick, pack and shipping these limited Pluerries this Monday Oct 17th. That means you will get to enjoy these 24-48 hours after they were picked from our trees.  Make sure to place your order before 6pm Sunday for this limited stone fruit!


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