1st generation

In 1932 Peter Tenerelli came over to California from Southern Italy. He developed a thriving business as a butcher in Downtown Los Angeles. After being drafted into the US army he lost his business. He always had an undeniable passion for farming and growing fruit. In 1975 after Peter’s retirement he found the perfect place about 50 miles from downtown Los Angeles to plant some roots. He planted on 10 acres of this dry desert land. He commuted from LA to the new orchard until 1978 when he had a home built for him and his wife Lorraine. Things started off challenging as a new farmer. Wholesale was the obvious way to sell the fruit, but with the amount of produce grown it was not substantial enough. A man came to visit the farm from the state and proposed the idea of “farmers markets.” Peter was very hesitant and wary of this concept and how it would work. Lorraine was all for it! She convinced him to open his mind to this idea. After their first few trips to the Markets in Burbank, Pasadena, and Gardena, Peter realized the success that could ensue.

2nd generation

John Tenerelli, Peter’s youngest son joined him at Tenerelli Orchard’s learning the craft of farming and selling in 1980. John proved to be a superb salesman. As he sold more and more fruit at the markets his father planted more trees. They expanded into many other Farmers markets including Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills. John married Tracie Tenerelli about 10 years after he prioritized the farm. They expanded the family bringing Natalie into the world in 1991. The couple went to markets bringing Natalie along to share the love for the business. In 2002 Peter passed away and left the family business to John. John has continued to grow what some would say the best stone fruit in the world!

3rd generation

Peaches.LA is born! Natalie Tenerelli and her partner Dan Cox decide to make Tenerelli Orchards accessible through delivery. With COVID-19 hitting we knew we had to innovate in ways we had not in the past. With the uncertainty of the Farmer's Markets and wholesale accounts we had to come up with a way for our beloved customers, to enjoy our juicy, delicious peaches. With Dan's strong business acumen, and Natalie's creative mind we have created a new journey for Tenerelli Orchards opening the door for people all around the country to experience what a real peach tastes like. We hope our box brings you so much joy, as it has been packed with love and history!