Peaches LA Box Picking and Shipping every Monday! Peaches LA Box of 12, juicy, hand picked, ripe Yellow Peaches!

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Introducing: Peaches LA Yellow Peach Box

Are you ready to savor the juiciest yellow peaches of the season? Each delicate peach has been picked at the perfect time from our orchard, placed in our perfectly protected custom-engineered box, and shipped to your door! We take orders all week and then pick and pack your peaches on Monday, ensuring you receive your perfect peaches 24-48 hours after they were selected and picked from our trees. Our Peaches LA Yellow Peach Box features 12 hand-selected peaches, each chosen for optimal ripeness and flavor.

About Peaches LA Yellow Peach Box: All our peaches are meticulously picked and packed from our 3rd Generation orchard in North LA County, where the soil and climate foster a late but extensive peach season. Throughout our 16-week season, a new variety ripens each week (depending on Mother Nature), ensuring a delightful rotation of flavors.

Shipping Process: We pick, pack, and ship your peaches every Monday, starting in July through mid to late September. Whether you choose a one-time purchase or subscribe for a weekly box, rest assured your peaches are handled with care and delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Enjoyment and Ripening Instructions: Most yellow peach varieties benefit from a couple of days on the counter to develop their full flavor. Each week, we'll include specific ripening instructions tailored to the variety in your box. Dive into the exceptional sweetness and unique flavor profile of our yellow peaches, perfect for snacking, salads, or desserts.

Order Details: To ensure you receive your Peaches LA Yellow Peach Box each week, we recommend subscribing. Subscription orders are prioritized, guaranteeing you a box even when we sell out. Orders must be placed by 4 PM on Sunday to receive your box shipped on Monday.

Don't miss out on the season's finest yellow peaches! Secure your Peaches LA Yellow Peach Box now.